Following in the footsteps of Michael Kessler and Melinda Jackson is not an easy task on or off stage. The two dancers glide across the floor making every move seem effortless. They flow together as a finely tuned instrument exhibiting an indescribable poetic, and seamless grace. Stars of such grand productions as "The Great Radio City Music Hall Spectacular" & most recently "2 Life", this energetic husband and wife acrobatic song and dance team recently chose South Florida to world premier their new show "2 Life" at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. "2 Life" received standing ovations, and successfully completed its six-week run with critical acclaim. The critics have heralded it as " ... Mesmerizing... eloquent…applause most worthy." The Digest. "Kessler and Jackson dance like a dream... generous helpings of Fred-and Ginger elegance... graceful... Jackson is honestly moving as she reads from her father's Nuremberg diary... Kessler sings persuasively..." Miami Herald. "Spectacular dance... effortless elegance… in the tradition of George Burns and Gracie Allen... Kessler's resonant baritone and Jackson's sweet soprano... captures the glory and the pain of love." Boca Raton News. "Excellent, eliciting applause from a warmly receptive audience... Breathtaking... reminiscent of the dancing in the great movie musicals... both performers sing and act well... gorgeous costumes... great dancing." Entertainment News & Views "Dance they do, gracefully, artfully, even poetically. They move in sync as only longtime partners can and mere mortals never seem able to... " Palm Beach Post. "Kessler sings with a warm, appealing baritone... Jackson brings the show to a poignant dramatic peak... tastefully sensual." Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. "Superb dancing by two of the best professionals in the country... be it classic dance, modern dance, break dance, tango, or anything else, their performances are compelling and the chemistry between them obviously real." Outlook. "Two of the world's wondrous dancers, Melinda Jackson and Michael Kessler... slick, sophisticated, and seductive... powerful." Hot Spots. "Kessler shows a strong singing voice... " WIOD Radio Miami.

"2Life" is an intimate glance at a contemporary love affair that intertwines the personal and professional relationship of a show biz couple. Starring the husband and wife song and dance team of Michael Kessler and Melinda Jackson, "2Life" is a humorous, warmhearted love story told through dance and song. Featuring timeless music by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin. "2Life" previewed August 25, 2001, and had its World Premiere August 30th playing through September 30th to critical acclaim and standing ovations at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.